Birth Story – Bear.

When booking my 40 week check up I was certain that we wouldn't need it! But the days went by and there was absolutely zero movement at the station! The day before the due date we decided to book into a caravan park down by the beach to have a little holiday in our new … Continue reading Birth Story – Bear.

Third Trimester Update – 37 Weeks Pregnant.

Well been months since I last updated about my pregnancy! I am currently 37 weeks and SO READY TO HAVE THIS BABY. I'll be honest, pregnancy hasn't been my most favourite experience in life.. it is HARD. WORK. I still throw up roughly 4 times a week and need tablets to make me stop. So … Continue reading Third Trimester Update – 37 Weeks Pregnant.


This isn't my first pregnancy... nor my second. This is the third time I've been pregnant in a year. But more on that another time. Because of my previous losses and a couple of health issues, my doctor decided to refer us to Flinders Fertility (a fertility specialist clinic in Adelaide). After a bunch of … Continue reading Pregnant.