Third Trimester Update – 37 Weeks Pregnant.

Well been months since I last updated about my pregnancy! I am currently 37 weeks and SO READY TO HAVE THIS BABY.

I’ll be honest, pregnancy hasn’t been my most favourite experience in life.. it is HARD. WORK. I still throw up roughly 4 times a week and need tablets to make me stop. So much for it being only a first trimester thing! I still have SPD however, it has been so much more manageable since I finished work at 32 weeks! I can rest if I need to or jump in the bath tub or shower to help relieve the pain so that has been a life changer!

I finished work much earlier than I originally wanted to. Ideally this would have actually been my last week. The hospital where I work is being decommissioned and this is their last week operating šŸ˜¦ it is literally so sad. When I return from maternity leave next year I will be working in a much larger hospital and it just won’t be the same.

3 days ago I caught a cold from my dad. Thanks. Like the last month of pregnancy isn’t hard enough! He kept saying it was “just hayfever”….negative, definitely a cold! So I have been waking up at about 2-2:30am and staying awake until Scott gets up for work about about 6am. Then I go back to bed and sleep for a little while longer. I’m not sure what it is but when he’s not in the bed I sleep so much better! It’s not a space issue as we have a king size so not really sure about that one!

I had been swimming about 3 times a week however it’s school holidays at the moment and the local pool is HECTIC with kids so I’ve avoided it the last 2 weeks. Hoping to get back to it as of next week!

I don’t feel too huge.. but I do feel incredibly stretched and I’m not quite sure it’s possible that my poor skin stretches any further! But apparently you don’t get that much bigger from now on? So hopefully. I have been using La’bang Body oil on my belly to help prevent stretch marks and so far so good! Although I think that’s mostly genetics. Very lucky.

I have been having a 60 minute massage once a week on a Monday which is legit! And today I’m getting a pedicure, so definitely not holding back on spoiling myself!

Tomorrow Scott and I are having just a one night stay in a hotel as a last minute getaway before baby arrives and I can’t wait! The hotel we are staying at has a pool and I want to be in that immediately!

That’s pretty much it for now! Just a waiting game!

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