Feeling baby’s first kick.


At 15 weeks and 2 days I felt my baby move for the first time. I was 95% sure at the time that that’s what I’d felt. I knew that it was a bit early for a first baby however I’m so in tune with my body after the miscarriages that I pretty much feel EVERY single thing that happens inside me. I was squatting down while Jess was on the phone to a friend to see him on the screen. It must have been because baby was so squished up in that position that it squirmed a little and I felt it for the most brief second! I described it as the way it feels when you’re laying on your tummy with your arms underneath you and then you pull them out… I realise now that doesn’t make a lot of sense but at the time it totally did! Actually it still makes sense to me.. but now I describe it as a couple of eels squirming deep inside my abdomen.. which is kinda gross, right?

I didn’t feel baby again for maybe a week but after that it was quite regular with teeny tiny little pokes and ‘muscle twitches’ – best way of describing it! Even now at 23 weeks the kicks are like big muscle twitches! Very cool. But also weird, creepy and at times really freaking annoying…. like at 3am after getting up to pee for the 6th time and just wanting to sleep but baby has other ideas, like throwing a dance party in my insides :|Thanks bubba..

Scott didn’t feel baby kick until 21 weeks and 1 day (23/06/2017). I think his hands are just too big and calloused (he’s a builder) to feel these tiny baby kicks. He also has a shocking attention span and would give up after like 15 seconds of not feeling anything… as soon as he would move his hand away – BAM, baby would send a kick that could potentially win the AFL grand final. However, finally baby started the usual party the second I hopped into bed for the night (typical) and Scott left his hand on my belly for longer than half a minute and bubs gave a solid punch and he felt it 😀 ! I said, “did you feel that one?!” thinking ffs, if you didn’t feel THAT then I’m bloody well giving up. He replied, “yes, I did actually!” So much happiness!

Now I feel baby’s movements what seems like all day, everyday! It’s lovely, but as they get stronger I just get more and more impatient wanting to meet this aggressively gorgeous little kicker face to face ❤


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