First Trimester.

My first trimester would really be classed as uneventful although it certainly doesn’t feel that way with the amount I’ve visited the toilet bowl! I was able to go to the gym everyday up until roughly 6 weeks when the sickness started. I went once or twice after that but pretty much almost passed out and vomited at the same time.

6 weeks 2 days: Nausea and vomiting have begun. Lasting all day. Kmn.

6 weeks 5 days: Had our first ultrasound today. Everything looks good so far. Measuring 6w0d with a heartbeat of 107bpm. Have another scan in one weeks time to check progress. I feel concerned that the hb is so low but measuring so tiny means that the heart has probably only just begun. It is always much slower when it just starts. So trying to stay calm and happy.

7 weeks 5 days: Second ultrasound. Went completely perfectly! Measuring 7 weeks 1 day with a heart rate of 149! šŸ˜€

9 weeks 6 days: 10 week ultrasound. Measuring exactly spot on at 9 weeks 6 days! Heart rate is 167bpm. We could see baby wriggling around on the screen and we even saw some individual fingers (second picture where the arrow is)!

10 weeks: Still vomiting and nauseous but slightly better this week. There seems to be no pattern to it.. sometimes it’s in the morning, sometimes evening, sometimes in the middle of the night or all day and night long! Last week my fatigue lifted slightly to give me a little more energy thankfully! My boobs are bigger by a whole cup size but still not really sore.

I start back at work tomorrow (10w1d) so that will be interesting. I’m bothered most by excessive saliva. It makes me feel even more sick and I’m so over constantly swallowing. Bloating is giving me a little gut.

12 weeks 3 days: 12 week ultrasound today! Baby measures 12w6d! It was bouncing around and had the hiccups! HR 157 šŸ˜€ Amazing!

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