This isn’t my first pregnancy… nor my second. This is the third time I’ve been pregnant in a year. But more on that another time. Because of my previous losses and a couple of health issues, my doctor decided to refer us to Flinders Fertility (a fertility specialist clinic in Adelaide). After a bunch of tests, it was discovered that I wasn’t ovulating properly and so I was put onto a drug called Letrozole.

The deal was that I’d take this tiny tablet from days 2 – 5 of my cycle to prompt ovulation. Apart from becoming a completely psycho bitch who needed nothing, but everything, but didn’t know what, but help, but leave me the feck alone for those few days, I had no side effects!

Around the time I should be ovulating, I started having to go into the clinic daily for bloods. Once they were at the appropriate levels I had an ultrasound. A horrible one called a Transvaginal ultrasound…. yep. You can probably guess how they do that one. It showed that I had a lovely little growing follicle that should release an egg over the next few days! More blood tests days later showed I had ovulated as planned and now for the waiting game!

The following is what I wrote down at the time (some tmi):

20/02/2017 10dpo: First Letrozole cycle. Last night I didn’t sleep a second, literally. The last 2 pregnancies insomnia was my first symptom. So I took a test and got a faint line. Unsure whether to believe it or not as this has happened in the past with no result. No symptoms.

11dpo: Another faint line but slightly darker than yesterday. Still no symptoms.

12dpo: 2 tests done FMU and in the afternoon. Both with faint lines. Stabbing pains in my boobs occasionally plus some cramping.

13dpo: I believe it today, Scott does too with a much more prominent line on test. Boobs slightly larger but not really sore. Cramping quite a bit. Was told to come for blood test on 28th Feb (18dpo) if no period so waiting for that to come! A little bit of fatigue this afternoon and maybe an increase in smell but nothing excessive.

14dpo: Woke with incredibly larger boobs! Besides the insomnia, this pregnancy has been completely different from the others. There was no implantation bleed, my boobs aren’t sore etc. Blood test scheduled for Monday now after calling them and admitting I tested early!

26/02 15dpo: My birthday! Slept better last night. Told Jess! We are all feeling cautiously happy and optimistic 🙂

16dpo (4 weeks 4 days): Blood test today at Flinders. Confident HCG levels are increasing as test this morning was immediately positive and the test line darker than the control! I know I shouldn’t compare but by 5w0d last pregnancy my levels were at 1,100 so I’m hoping for a lovely high number.. but also trying to stay realistic.

1pm – HCG = 668! So far, so good


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