Second Trimester (so far).

As of today I am 23 weeks and 1 day! Whaaaat!

I feel like time is going so.slowly. However, sitting here, reflecting over the past 20 weeks, while being pummelled from the inside, I realise that actually, it has gone pretty fast.

I hadn’t vomited in THREE WHOLE DAYS! I was feeling pretty stuck up about it when all of a sudden this morning I’m racing to the loo 😐

I’m getting bigger and more uncomfortable now. Sleeping is hard. By the time I throw myself into bed totally ready for a big sleep, baby starts up a disco and my bladder magically becomes full! Like are you serious right now.

I’m obsessively rubbing La’Bang Body oil all over my belly in hopes of deterring stretch marks. I need to ask my mum whether she got them from her pregnancies. Apparently they are more genetic than anything else. Actually, I’ll call her right now….

Ok, amazing news! She didn’t get stretch marks for any of her 4 pregnancies! Fingers crossed I inherited that part of her genetics! I do have some on my hips and thighs so we’ll see. Honestly, I won’t die if I get them.. it’s all just part of growing an entirely new human being right?

I feel baby kick regularly, they aren’t uncomfortable/painful yet but can be pretty annoying at times! Items we have bought so far are – co-sleeper bassinet, a rug for the nursery and a baby video monitor! We have on layby the Steelcraft Strider Deluxe pram, 2 car seats, a capsule and a little vibrating rocker thing! We have been very lucky in that Scott’s parents are buying us the car seats and my parents the capsule. So grateful! My sister is lending us her cot and a work friend of Scott’s is giving us a travel cot also. Plus Scott’s brother Jason bought us the bassinet. We have so many amazing people in our lives!

Baby is measuring BIG. 96th percentile, what, um, send help pls. My obstetrician says it will probably come early which will mean a birthday in October! My belly button is only days away from fully popping out! I can’t wait haha. I’m due to leave work at 34 weeks so my last day is in exactly 11 weeks! Counting down the time!

Work is getting hard – especially on really busy days where I need to literally run places. I get pretty sore in the abdominals! I’m also just tired. Plain old tired. By day 3 of the week I’m barely keeping my eyes open on the drive to work! But other than that, I can’t really complain!

Pregnancy has not been what I expected so far. There are a lot of things that no one tells you and then you just get hit with it.. like round ligament pain! What a total bitch that one is!


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