My first blog..


I have literally zero idea where to start really. I’m not a writer, AT ALL. So please don’t judge my skills, or lack thereof.

It’s early winter here at the moment, so cold and raining outside. I’m currently wrapped in a blanket, sitting on the couch in my little lounge room, in my little house in McLaren Flat which I own with my fiance Scott (and the bank). Our friend Jess lives here with us although not for much longer 😦 but more on that later. I work in the operating theatres at a small hospital in the south of Adelaide, that also for not much longer as it’s closing down! Who ever heard of a hospital closing down these days.. it’s heart breakingly sad as it’s an old soldiers hospital with a very good reputation. I won’t be there for the official close as I’ll be heading on maternity leave as of the 29th September 2017!

I am currently 21 weeks and 6 days pregnant with what will be our first baby. We know the sex however are TRYING to keep it a secret until the birth (although if you are here from my instagram, you most probably know! Shhh…!). This has been much harder to do than I originally thought and I feel a little guilty referring to the bub as ‘it’ all the time.

I have 4 brothers, 1 sister and 15 nieces and nephews. Sounds like a big family and I guess it is, but I rarely see them all. I literally can’t remember the last time we were all together.. maybe when I was 12 or so. My parents live about 3 minutes down the road and my sister, her husband and their 3 kids live 1 minute up the road from where I work! It’s nice to have them so close however, these days life is so busy that catch ups are only occasional.

I guess the main reason for starting this blog is to document my pregnancy for the future. If I be honest, it hasn’t been the most pleasant of pregnancies so far but I love the idea of my future children to have something to look back on to know how myself and Scott were feeling and what we thinking/doing before they were born. Another reason for starting this is to blog about my diet and exercise during and after pregnancy. I’m getting asked quite a lot on Instagram about this so I figured it was much easier to document it all in a blog and refer to it rather than repeat myself on IG constantly.

Early 2019, Scott and I plan to pack up our lives as we know it, including the baby and our dog Teal’c – a german shepherd, and go travelling around Australia in a caravan on a working holiday! It should make for an interesting experience which such a young squirt  (should be roughly 14 months old by then) and such a big dog on board! I want to document our preparations for this and then document the actual trip once on it!

I’ve had a few experiences over the last couple of years that I’d like to write about too in hopes of helping or inspiring others. Some common, yet rarely spoken about experiences and some more uncommon ones which are pretty crazy and have made me look at life a little differently. Stay tuned for that!

Wow boring af first post, but maybe you know a little more about me and what to expect to see on here now. Until next time!

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