Third Trimester Update – 37 Weeks Pregnant.

Well been months since I last updated about my pregnancy! I am currently 37 weeks and SO READY TO HAVE THIS BABY. I'll be honest, pregnancy hasn't been my most favourite experience in life.. it is HARD. WORK. I still throw up roughly 4 times a week and need tablets to make me stop. So … Continue reading Third Trimester Update – 37 Weeks Pregnant.

25 Weeks Pregnant + SPD.

SPD - Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. In other words, the condition making my life incredibly difficult at the moment! More on that later! 25 weeks pregnant now and I'm stoked to know that our little bubba would be considered viable outside the womb! I'm being kicked CONSTANTLY throughout the day and night which I'm trying to … Continue reading 25 Weeks Pregnant + SPD.